Coxton Lake 2022 Vinyl Sticker
Coxton Lake 2022 Vinyl Sticker

Coxton Lake 2022 Vinyl Sticker

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Pre-sale for Coxton Lake Vinyl Sticker

Orders will be taken until Sunday, July 10th, 2022, at 11:59 PM (EST) and will ship no later than Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, or be available at Coxton Lake Days August 5-7th, 2022 at the Chicken Bar-B-Que.


White vinyl decal on masking/application tape and carrier.

  • 5" Wide x 3" High for convenient vehicle placement.
  • 5 year outdoor rated vinyl (if used on a vehicle, mileage may vary based on climate and exposure to the elements)

Installation Steps:

  1. Clean area you'd like to install your sticker with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. Make sure the sticker fits well on the desired location.
  2. Carefully peel one half of the masking/application tape from the light blue carrier paper and fold the paper carrier back. If the vinyl sticks to the blue carrier paper, press the sticker back firmly to that spot where it did not release and peel again.
  3. Using any rigid plastic card (credit card, loyalty card, etc.), squeegee from one end to the other, pulling the paper carrier away from the squeegee.
  4. Once the paper carrier has been fully removed, peel the masking/application tape away from the vinyl carefully, exposing the vinyl sticker on your surface.
  5. Enjoy your new sticker! If you've installed it on a vehicle, wait 24 hours before washing your vehicle. When using a pressure washer, avoid full pressure directly on the vinyl sticker. If you've installed it on glass, be wary of using ice scrapers during cold days near the vinyl sticker, it's easy to forget while removing snow and ice!

Products for this sale will be manufactured specifically for orders placed, therefore returns cannot be accepted unless a manufacturing defect has occurred.